Friday, 6 October 2017

Summer and Fall Activities Clashing

   A little rain overnight, just enough to wet the tennis courts so it was a late-ish start today. I went to the Gentle Fit class first, really just to register and show that I wouldn't be there for the next two weeks. I did the stretching and warm-up exercises then left for tennis. I had two good sets with four good players and had some excellent shots. Overall, a satisfying morning.

    I had to take a drive down to Kingston Road this afternoon to deliver the name tags for the next RWTO lunch to Peggy. She is going to do my job while I'm away. The traffic was building up as everyone was heading home or out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend so I didn't stay long at Peggy's. Home by 4:15 p.m.

   Salmon and vegetables for dinner - I'm trying to use up perishables in the fridge and won't buy very many groceries tomorrow. I will have to make some soup but will freeze whatever I don't eat by next Wednesday.

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