Sunday, 8 October 2017

Getting Ready for Departure

   Didn't manage the third (hardest) Sudoku in the morning paper - had to give up after two tries. The first had a mistake I couldn't fix. Very frustrating. 

   I went over to the tennis courts early despite a strong wind and dark clouds. Luckily Stan arrived at the same time as me and we hit for at least half an hour. Later Kathy and Iona arrived so we were able to play a set. Stan and Iona beat us handily but I was too tired by then to make any effort against the wind. I was desperate for a coffee and had a soak in the tub and a nap when I got home.

    The rest of the day has been sunny and warm and I got a bit more tidying in the garden. The grass is cut and the bins are now full and ready for pickup. Donna came over ( so I had to tidy the house) with the binder I need to run the next Hava Java social on Oct. 30. She is to be on holiday but I will be back the week before so it will all work out.

   Salmon and peas for dinner. I had celery soup with crackers and cheese for lunch and a few cherry tomatoes from the garden. I will need to bring in the green tomatoes tomorrow in case there is a frost while I am away. There should be lots.


  1. I still have some green tomatoes as well. It's pretty wonderful that we haven't even had frost yet! Hope your trip is wonderful (where are you going?). -Jenn

    1. Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Coast. Not as exotic as it sounds. We will be staying in a small seaside town just south of Dubrovnik and taking day trips to the country around. One day we go to Montenegro.