Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Getting Signed Up

   The Fall programs started this week at the Senior's Centre and I got into all my requests. Tuesday I have Bridge lessons, Wednesday is Stretch and Strength , Thursday is Zumba Gold (that one is very hard to get into and, right off the bat, I am going to miss the first three classes) and Friday is Gentle Fit. As well I play Bridge with friends on Monday afternoons so I am busy with something every day - just the way I like it!

   Overcast and rainy today but still very mild. I managed to walk to and from my job at the coffee bar without getting wet but I had my umbrella with me just in case. It was a bit busier today as the Line Dancing and Drawing classes were all going so the time went by fast. 

   We had rather a contentious AGM at the tennis club last night and, in a momentary lapse, I volunteered to be the clubhouse convenor! I hope it doesn't require too big a commitment. I thought that being on the executive might be the way to make some changes to the programs - we shall see! Plus no one else was willing to take it on so I was acclaimed. It is just a summer club so I'm sure I can make it through the five months the club is running.

   The trees have still not acquired their Fall colours but the leaves are falling fast. Soon it will be time to start raking.

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