Thursday, 5 October 2017

Lunch Out, Zumba and Book Club

   Lunch with Judy today - a late birthday present and an opportunity to catch up on their news. We met at Red Lobster which is near her school and I had sole and broccoli and she had The Captains Catch which was a piece of fish and garlic shrimp.

  I went from there to my Zumba class but only stayed for the first half as this was also RTO Book Club. We had a great turnout and got to air our views on "Orphan #8". Not a book I particularly liked or would recommend but there were some interesting opinions on the subject matter.

   Another nice sunny day but it has now clouded over so I hope there won't be rain tomorrow for our penultimate Kaffeeklatsch. Sean and Angela are going to run things so I don't have to rush out and battle with the traffic!

   Just homemade minestrone soup and grilled cheese for dinner after my lunch out. Still trying to keep the weight down.

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