Friday 28 April 2017

Too Many Carbs

   This has been a busy week as I have been out three evenings and will be out again tomorrow night. I will be very grateful for a proper rest on Sunday!

    I finally got my tax return in the mail this afternoon - just in time - as, after frequent phone calls and badgering e-mails, I finally got the tax receipt from Plan Canada. I think it was actually my fault as, at one point, I blocked messages from them (always asking for more money) so, who knows where my receipt was ending up? But that's it done and I just have to wait a few weeks now to find out if I will get a refund. I plan to buy a new printer if I do - fed up with running up to the library every time I need to print something.

   It has been a nice week, weatherwise, and I have got quite a lot done in the garden. I haven't bought any plants yet, just in case there's a frost. I got into the Wednesday fitness class so had coffee with all my exercise buddies on after. Then it was Book Club in the afternoon but I didn't finish the book.

   It was so nice when I got up on Thursday morning I called Kathy to see if she would meet me at the outdoor tennis courts. We hit for about an hour and a half (stopping to chat frequently, we haven't seen each other all winter!) and then I met the RODEO ladies for lunch at Montana's. I had a delicious, apple, cranberry and goat cheese salad, with a glass of wine so it was worth the trip. Also lots of chat as I hadn't been out with them since before the New Year. I have been playing bridge on Thursdays but that is over now. In the evening I was "ushering" at Markham Theatre and got to see the comedy, "Bedroom Farce", really funny!

  Today I took a pass on tennis to attend the AGM at the Senior's Centre, a tedious affair but we got lunch after - pizza, veggies and fruit but too many carbs. When I got home I put a loaf in the bread machine and, of course, had to try a slice when it was done! The first slice is always the best. It didn't rise very much but will be good for toast. Fish for dinner and NO MORE CARBS!!


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  1. Good for you. Husband is doing taxes this weekend. After vowing he would use an accountant this year, he ended up buying turbotax and will do ours, our daughter, our son, and his aging mother. I would rather pay an accountant!! -Jenn