Tuesday 18 April 2017

Easter Weekend

   It`s been a busy few days so some catch-up necessary. I had the family over for dinner on Easter Sunday and very nice it was! I roasted a lamb leg (super easy, just rub it with olive and spices and stick it in the oven) and had it with roast potatoes, green beans and asparagus. Judy brought stuffed mushrooms and creamed spinach - both delicious, in fact I saved a mushroom to have with my `leftovers` dinner yesterday. We finished with rhubarb and apple crumble and a spongy cheesecake that Judy brought. Whipped cream, strawberries and coffee (for the adults) finished off the meal. We were all well fed! The grandkids were scouring the house for chocolate eggs (yes, the Easter Bunny does visit here) so were overdosing on chocolate before and after the meal. Their capacity for anything sweet is amazing.

   Yesterday was a quiet day - just eating leftovers then out in the evening to dance group. Today was the RWTO meeting and lunch so I was out by 8:30 without much breakfast to set up the name tags and book sale before the meeting. Luckily there was coffee on tap in the meeting room so I made it through until lunch. The lunch was roast beef which I hardly ever cook so it was quite a treat. Luckily they remembered the horseradish sauce this time. I made $40 at the book table which means I sold 80 books so quite a nice contribution to our charity.  The books are donated by our members so it`s all profit.

    Today was bright and sunny but on the cool side - I`m still wearing my winter jacket. There was frost on the roofs this morning and just 4C; it only got up to 9C this afternoon and the wind was bitter. A quiet evening at home and just soup and a sandwich for dinner.

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