Tuesday 4 April 2017

April Showers etc.

   It has rained pretty much all day today and the garden has had a good soaking - puddles everywhere! The temperature has actually dropped through the day, starting at 9C and now just 7C. We may have a few cool days coming. There are some flower heads on the daffodils so the rain has truly brought out the flowers, and it's not may yet.

   Tennis this morning (great fun - we were all on our game!). We only had time for two sets and had to stop the second one at 6-6 as we were too tired to play a tie-break. I almost dozed off during Bridge class but did learn a new thing or two. Dianne was there too, so we have decided to try what we learned when we play next Monday.

   I  was passing the Garden Centre yesterday and dropped in to pick up some pansies. They will go in a planter on the porch on the next nice day. That way I can bring them in if frost threatens. They are pretty hardy so that shouldn't be a problem. I am already anticipating what new plants and veg I will buy this year - can't wait! 

   It's rather a rather dreary evening so I have the fire lit and it's warm and cozy in here. An evening in front of the TV is called for!

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