Thursday 13 April 2017

Out All Day

    Beautiful day today but I spent most of it indoors playing Mahjong and Bridge. What a waste of a lovely day! I did sit out for half an hour after I got home and it was very pleasant in the sun, probably got up to 16C. I may have to cut the grass this weekend. This was my last time replacing Diane at the Bridge table so I will have my Thursday afternoons free from now on. Maybe I'll try to get into the Zumba Gold class. And I will only go to Mahjong if it's raining. Thursday is one of my tennis days.

   Big shop at the liquor store today as they had some of my favourite wines on special. I haven't bought any booze since the middle of February but decided to break my fast now that Easter is almost here. I had a glass of sherry with my pre-prandial snack tonight and it tasted so good! Just soup and a wrap with sausage and an omelet for dinner. I will pack the omelet with any leftover veggies lurking in the fridge.

   I haven't turned the heat on at all today - the sun has done the heating for me!

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