Saturday 1 April 2017

Saving on My Food Bill

   Much nicer today - even some sun this afternoon! I think it got up to about 10C which is a move in the right direction. I hung out my washing this morning and it is now dry and back inside. Fresh sheets on my bed tonight!

   I had a nice surprise at the grocery store today as I had racked up $20 in PC Points so, some free groceries. I use my PC card for almost everything and it's surprising how quickly the points accumulate. I paid for my upcoming trip with the card and that got me quite a bunch. Also, by loading offers to my card on things I usually buy got me another 2,000 points today ($2).

    Finally feeling more like myself today - I had a long(ish) walk this afternoon through the park to make sure the tennis courts were open. People were actually playing but some of the wind screens still need to go up. Perhaps I will be playing outdoors this week after all.

    My favourite, salmon, for dinner tonight and I think I will break my "no carb" rule and make some quinoa. Haven't had that in ages. If there's any left over it will be a quinoa salad tomorrow. Red peppers were on "special" today and I bought two, so maybe I could make quinoa stuffed peppers. Lots of choices!

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  1. I don't have a PC credit card, but I do just have one of their points cards. It comes in quite handy to knock $20 off a food bill here and there. -Jenn