Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Still Not Quite Spring

    After a very rainy morning, it has started to dry up and I do believe there are some glimpses of sun just as it is about to set. Augers well for tomorrow. It only got up to 11C today so the fire is on to warm things up. Just when I think we have turned the corner, the cold weather returns!

   I had a quiet morning - finished my tax return and, according to my calculations, should get about $400 back. We shall see. I went to Bridge class this afternoon and learned a few new tricks. Frank is a very knowledgeable teacher but gets a bit impatient with us as we don't remember all his rules. It's the "world according to Frank" in his classroom!

   Had a quick look around the garden when I got home and everything is coming along great guns. Chives are up as is the asparagus. The rhubarb is looking healthy and I see a few green sprouts on the raspberry canes. I have already had a few cuttings of daffodils and tulips with more to come, so the house is full of flowers. Judy gave me a beautiful lily for Easter and it is blooming prolifically. It will go in the garden once the flowers are past. I have a few there already and it will bloom again next year.

   Chicken and veg for dinner but I have been nibbling all afternoon (the coffee at the Senior's Centre is so good and you get a couple of cookies with it, all for 75 cents) that I am not too hungry. It may do me another day.


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