Friday, 7 April 2017

Now It's Snow!

    Felt like winter again today, and there was snow falling when I got up. It continued all morning but the sun came out later and the snow has pretty well  gone now. However, the wind has increased and is almost gale force. My only exercise today was to walk to the drug store to pick up the tax form (all out and no more coming) and almost got blown away!

   I had a busy morning starting with my step class video. Then I drove up to Markham to change a top at Peach Tree Designs. While there I found a nice tight pair of pants to go with the top. I'm fed up with baggy grannie pants. I need a new image! They are very comfy and I'm sure will be a well worn part of my wardrobe.

   Judy came by after work to look for something she needs as a prop for the next play she is working on. She is the set designer. Natalie is still off school but beginning to feel better. I'm glad I have avoided catching her bug.

    Last night I cooked a nice meal but didn't eat it so it just needs heating up tonight. It's chicken thighs with vegetables in a winey sauce.

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  1. It's been a funny day, hasn't it? I like the look of a slim pant better than a wide leg, usually. -Jenn