Saturday, 22 April 2017

Things Are Growing

   Sunny but still a cold wind. I worked in the garden for a bit this afternoon and got quite hot. The sun felt good!

   Last day for eating leftover lamb - the rest will go in the green bin. I found some asparagus in the fridge and will have it with the one ripe stalk from the garden. I may get more later but only a couple of stalks seem to come up at a time. The rhubarb is doing well and one of last year's cone flowers has shoots coming up. It is supposed to be a perennial but this is the first plant I have been able to over winter in the garden. Lots of tulips about to open.

   I have been working on my tax return for the last couple of days and it looks as if I might get a refund! Usually I have to pay but last year CRA made me pay in installments and obviously I paid too much, so I am just getting my own money back. I am still waiting for one of my charity receipts that I need for the charitable deductions claim, to be e-mailed to me. It was promised days ago but must be lost in cyber space. I will call them again on Monday.

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