Thursday, 6 April 2017

More showers!

   Fire's on and warming things up. It's been a blustery day with heavy rain. Driving on the highway was quite a challenge with trucks zipping by and spraying water everywhere! Yesterday was Nordic Pole Walking group and it was a very pleasant day so we were lucky. We walked for over an hour and then I walked to the Senior's Centre and back in the afternoon. I'm pretty sure I got my full 10,000 steps!

   It only got up to 7C today but I had lots to do so didn't have time to brood over the weather. RTO meeting this morning (scribbling like mad to keep up with the discussions) finished around 11:30. There was coffee, muffins and fruit for the break and we are easily satisfied. After the aforementioned drive on the highway I fixed a quick lunch and headed out for Bridge. Bonnie and I had wanted to skip it but Margrit complained about cancelling again so we dropped our lunch plans and arrived on time. Nobody else was there! Pauline rolled in after a bit and eventually there was a call from Margrit to say she couldn't make it. Needless to say we were a bit miffed. Fortunately we found a spare and the afternoon ended well.

    Natalie has stomach flu again and I hope I haven't caught it - I'm feeling a bit queasy. Probably the power of suggestion! I was babysitting them again last night and she was OK then. I will just have a light dinner tonight, just in case!

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