Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Chilly Day

    The fire's on tonight as it is a bit chilly in here. I was well wrapped up for the walk this morning. We went to Edwards Gardens and walked all the way to Sunnybrook Park and back - lots of bulbs coming up everywhere. It was just over an hour which is about my limit. The temperature was around 6C and really hasn't risen much all day.

    After a short rest at home I drove over to my shift in the Senior's Centre kitchen. I arrived early intending to have a quiet sit with a coffee and cookie beforehand, but no one had shown up for the morning shift so it was "all hands on deck" as soon as I arrived. I stopped around 2:30 as it was quiet (and the coffee was almost gone) so was home by 3:00 p.m. Short nap, finished my current library book and have been sitting by the fire with the computer since then. First stop tomorrow will be the library to see what I can find to read. The pile of books by my bed is down to one and I'm not finding it very interesting.

    A basa fillet for dinner, probably fried, with green beans and a Minneola orange for dessert. I am managing to keep my weight down despite the odd fall back into indulgence. Only three more days until I can have something alcoholic and my favourite chocolate bar!

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