Friday 21 April 2017

End of Indoor Tennis

   Carol, Hendrina, Angela and I had a spirited couple of sets on the indoor courts this morning but, hopefully, we will be able to play outside next week. The courts are open but it was still a bit too chilly to venture out today. Things should warm up over the weekend.

   It has been overcast all day with nary a glimpse of the sun. It rained on and off until around noon but nothing too heavy, just enough to moisten the garden. More grass cutting tomorrow and it`s time to spread some fertilizer. I got started on my tax return this afternoon and it looks like I may be getting a refund. I will check my figures tomorrow, complete the good copy and get it in the mail tout suite. No need to wait when I don`t have to pay!

   Still eating leftover lamb - I hope I haven`t kept it too long. I will also have the last of the rhubarb and apple crumble with some frozen yogurt for afters.

   Still unable to post photos - I keep checking but no luck. I may have to start a new blog - stay tuned!

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