Sunday 23 April 2017

Lots To Do

  Out early to the tennis courts today and hit with Shirley for half-an-hour. Then Stan and Henry arrived so we played a set.  We had had enough by 10:30 so we gave up the court to another group. It was quite busy this morning. A big load of ironing to do when I got home, the table mats and napkins from last Sunday`s dinner, but that was it for the morning. It has been sunny all day.

   Transplanted two cuttings from the Bee Balm plant the other day and they have taken well. Still got lots of weeding to do as they seem to be the first things to grow. Soon it will be dandelions. It was very hot in the garden this afternoon so I only lasted for about an hour before collapsing onto the lounger!

   I have cooked a couple of chicken thighs for dinner with chickpeas and Brussel sprouts. This was all covered with a can of chopped tomatoes so will be nice and juicy. I`m not sure if the chickpeas count as carbohydrates but will chance it anyway. They are good for mashing and sopping up the sauce.

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