Friday, 14 April 2017

An "At Home" Day

      Got up full of energy and started the day with a walk to the tennis courts around 9:00 a.m. I thought I might be the only one but it was nice enough to sit in the sun. Ron arrived shortly after and then Paul and Chan so we had a foursome. Unfortunately, they hit quite hard and I had had enough by 10:00 so came home to treat myself to a coffee and croissant. Since then I have been either working in the garden or cleaning the house ready for my guests on Sunday.

    After all the chores I sat out in the sun and dozed for a while - it was so pleasant! I even took my lunch outside even though I haven't got the garden furniture out yet. Must remember to ask the guys to do that for me on Sunday. It lives in the basement over the winter and it's quite a struggle to get it up the basement stairs on my own, although I have done it several times.

   Time to go fill the Easter eggs to hang on my little tree for the grandkids to collect on Sunday. I hope it isn't raining when they arrive!

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