Tuesday 11 April 2017

Daffodils, Forsythia and Tulips

    I started today with a visit to the dentist - just my semi-annual cleaning but it is not my favourite thing to do. The hygienist is a bit of a chatterbox and none too gentle when scraping off plaque. But I bear it like a real trooper and she rewards me with a goody bag of dental supplies - a brush, floss, toothpaste and, this time, a tongue scraper. I wonder if that's a hint that my tongue isn't in good shape!

    The forsythia is just about to bloom and it looks like it will be well covered in yellow. Some years there are very few flowers and I think it depends when I prune the bush. Daffodils are opening up and I should be able to pick them for an Easter bouquet.
    Funny day today - several heavy rain showers this afternoon interspersed with sunny periods. Not cold, I think it was in the high 'teens for most of the day. I dodged a bullet this afternoon as I had walked over to the Senior's Centre for Bridge class and it was beginning to rain as I left for home. As it got heavier I was lucky enough to find somewhere to shelter until it passed over and ended my walk in sunshine. I had barely got home when the heavens opened - I would have been thoroughly soaked if I hadn't reached home in time! It is still quite dark so I think more is to come. At least it is good for the garden and it isn't snow!

    The pots of tulips were delivered to the Senior's centre today so I came home with one. They are sold to raise money for Parkinson's disease by my friend Maria so I always order one. The flowers won't be open by Sunday when we have out Easter dinner but I will enjoy the splash of colour later in the month. 

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