Friday, 10 March 2017

Still Winter

   A quieter, less hectic day today. Woke up to snow flurries but nothing on the ground. It was -5C this morning (-12C wind chill) and never really changed all day despite some sunny periods.

   Out by 8:45 for fitness class then hung around at the seniors centre until almost 11:00 a.m. Next week is the last week of fitness classes for this session so we plan to go out for lunch after. Then we have a couple of weeks off until the next session in which I am still hoping to get a spot.

   Lunch, a nap, then read for most of the afternoon. I am currently reading a P.D. James book and, although rather dated, it is quite a thriller so I am enjoying it. Karen came over to pick up the kit for the 50-50 draw at the monthly dance tomorrow. She is about 20 minutes from me on foot and dropped in while walking her dog. They stayed to warm up for a while as it was very cold and windy. Saved me a chilly walk anyway!

   I finally got started on my next painting project - the shelf where I keep my plants at the bay window. It gets quite stained from accidental water overflows and needs to be painted every couple of years. I also cleaned the wooden shutters which will keep for another time. They are still in pretty good shape.

   Not much on TV tonight and I just have to heat up leftovers for dinner so probably an early night. The  stewed beans turned out quite well, almost like chili without the meat. It's grocery shopping day tomorrow so I am trying to use up all the perishables. My list has gotten quite long so I hope I have some PC points to cash in!

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