Wednesday 29 March 2017

Under the Weather

   I haven`t been posting for a few days as I have spent my days in bed with stomach flu - vomiting continuously for 24 hours until I was dry heaving, very unpleasant! Feeling a bit better now and managing to keep down a little food, just not overdoing it. I think I picked it up from the grandkids as I babysat them on Saturday, the boys were throwing up on Sunday and I started it Sunday night/Monday morning. Luckily I have a good book to read, `The Thirteenth Tale` by Dianna Setterfield. I can`t wait to see how it ends!

   I managed out this afternoon for the first time since Sunday  and found I was missing my wallet. The last time I used it was Saturday at the grocery store so I headed over there and, lo and behold, that`s where I had left it. How careless! Luckily, it was intact so I dodged a bullet there. People in our community are so honest.

    I phoned in sick for my shift at the coffee bar (didn`t want to spread any lingering germs to the seniors) but did go to Book Club. Interesting discussions but I was a bit pooped when I got home so won`t go out to dance group tonight. Just something light for dinner. I had a bowl of cauliflower soup and a hard-boiled egg for lunch and that has stayed with me until now.

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