Friday, 3 March 2017

Even Chillier!

   March has definitely come in like  lion! It was -6C this morning with a snow flurry or two (wind chill -12C ) and barely moved all day. The wind was from the north and bitterly cold.

    I had a few errands to run after Fitness class and was really glad to get back to my cozy home. One stop was the hairdresser for a cut and I came out with a very cold neck. Time to dig out the scarf until my hair grows again. I also indulged in a free coffee from McDonald`s - only two more free days left but I probably won`t be at the Mall again before then.

    I got a disappointing letter today - I had applied to mpac to have the assessment of the value of my house reduced. In my opinion it was quite a bit too high, resulting in higher property tax. No go - it will remain the same. At least they didn`t increase it!  Thank goodness for small mercies.

   I forgot to take anything out of the freezer until late this afternoon so dinner will be very late tonight and I will be very hungry!


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