Sunday, 19 March 2017

Out in the Garden

     Gorgeous day today, I think Spring is very close. It was full on sun and definitely well above zero. The snow went quite quickly, especially in sunny spots. After the morning chores I pottered in the garden for a bit then sat enjoying the sun. After lunch and a nap I went for quite a long walk and sat outside reading the paper for almost an hour.

    There was tennis on TV this afternoon - the Final from Indian Wells. It was 34C there! My favourite, Roger Federer, won. It's been a while since he had such a good tournament.

    Funny thing - I found some garlic cloves which I had left hanging in the garage to dry last fall - they had survived the winter and were sprouting! Into the ground quick sticks and I will be watching their progress closely.

    I had a very healthy dinner tonight - fish with a mustard and chutney topping and broccoli casserole, all done in the oven in half-an-hour. Very easy and tasty!


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