Saturday 18 March 2017

Another Dump of Snow

   We had heavy wet snow for most of the morning - I had hoped it wouldn't lie but, no such luck! It has stayed above freezing all day but overcast and very dreich.  I am praying Spring will show up soon.

   I got some chores done today as there was nothing on the agenda - laundry, shopping, and chasing dust bunnies under my bed, a much needed cleanup.  I found two $20 bills under my dresser so it really does pay to keep things tidy! Salmon, peas and hash browns for dinner. I went to Burger King again for my breakfast and saved some of the hash browns for dinner.

   Just a quiet evening at home - hope there's something decent on TV.



  1. Sorry about your snow. We drove out of Toronto this afternoon and it just looked wet, so I guess it melted for you? -Jenn (I never find money under my dresser!)

  2. I think my grandson was responsible. He loves hiding things!