Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Watching My Weight

   Still pretty mild and sunny this morning so I walked to fitness class. It stayed sunny most of the day but was clouding over when I walked home at 3:00 p.m. It's still 10C but the temperature is supposed to drop overnight and we may get some snow flurries. It was extremely windy as I walked home but it seems to have died down now.

   Nattering with the ladies after class I found out that we are to be restricted to one class per day at our centre as there are huge waiting lists for the next session. Since I didn't get into any of my favourite classes anyway this is purely theoretical for me. However, it may mean I will move up the waitlist. The supervisor promised to look and see if she can find me a spot since I volunteer at the centre. That would be great but it may mean jumping the queue. I hope no one finds out!

   I have some backup plans in place in case I am at a loss for activities. I plan to try the RTO Nordic Pole Walking group which is becoming very popular, and I have heard that some of the other community centres (which are not free like ours) still have some places in their fitness classes. Who knew we seniors were such an active lot?

   Salmon and peas for dinner tonight. I weighed myself this morning and was a pound lighter, despite my binging on junk food twice in the past week. That is quite heartening. I would love to get below 140 lbs. but as long as I don't go back to 150 lbs. I am quite satisfied.

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