Sunday 5 March 2017

Checking Out the Housing Market

   Nothing much happening here. I went out for a brisk (as in cold) walk this morning and saw that a house on my street, which is up for sale, was holding an open house this afternoon. Being nosy, I went to have a look and was quite surprised, given its dilapidated condition, that the asking price was almost $1 million! It really needed a coat of paint throughout. They will probably get their price, if not more, given the current state of the housing sector - more demand than supply. Another house on my street went for $1.28 million recently.

   I read an article in the newspaper yesterday that claimed the housing bubble is about to burst and we homeowners should all sell up and rent. I think not! I plan to hang on here until I can no longer look after the house. Rents in a half decent building here are exorbitant, anywhere from $2 to $4 thousand a month! The mind boggles.

   Made carrot and lentil soup for lunch today but it didn't hold me and I started nibbling - nuts, dried apricots, tortilla chips - not good! Maybe I need to have a more substantial lunch. Dinner is chicken stew and cabbage which I will have around 7:00 p.m.

   I finished my current Ruth Rendell book this afternoon - excellent ending! It would have made a great movie but now I am on to a P.D. James book and gradually reducing the pile of books by my bed. Once the weather warms up I will be busy outdoors and only reading at bedtime.


  1. It's all about location, isn't it? If we could take our property and house and plunk it somewhere in the GTA, we sell it, retire tomorrow and live a very comfortable life indeed! Where it is now... not so much. -Jenn

  2. Right now I would like to plunk my house in the south of Spain!