Friday 17 March 2017

Lunch Out

   It managed to get up to 6C today but still too cool to sit outside for long. Lots of sunny skies and not much wind so things are looking up, weatherwise.

   Last Friday fitness class as I am not signed up for the Spring and Summer sessions. I am on the waiting list for the Wednesday class but, come May, I will be playing tennis at Don Mills on Fridays. I am on the hunt for more monitors to fill the courts on Tuesdays and Fridays as I had another person bow out of the team. Very unfortunate for the remaining five of us! Hope some other members come on board.

   I was out with the "Ladies Who Lunch" today - 16 of the ladies from the  fitness classes. We went to "Rosemary and Thyme" at Van Horne Plaza. My first visit but I was a bit disappointed. I don't think I will be joining them there again. There are too many other and better places to go for lunch and it wasn't particularly cheap. My French onion soup and tuna wrap (which was actually chicken) came in just below $20. I should have sent the wrap back but I had already taken a bite of it. Only up side - I brought home half of the wrap, improved it and had it for dinner. Now I'm stuffed so that should cut down on late night nibbling!

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