Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bridge and a Movie

   Very much milder today (12C) but rain for most of the day. This morning I visited Fairview Mall where my oldest grandson told me there was a Lego store. He has asked for Lego for his birthday this weekend. There was such a choice and I have no idea what sets he has - he has lots - that I settled for a gift card. Now he can go and choose his own or put it towards a bigger set. At least he will get something he likes.

   While I was at the Mall I stopped at a bakery café and bought two whole wheat croissants and a delicious spinach and feta pastry for my lunch. I had the pastry before I went to Bridge class (I only had some banana and yogurt for breakfast), really brunch rather than lunch, then had a coffee when I got to the seniors` centre.  

   For once I was on time for Bridge lessons as I didn`t have tennis, and I learned a lot. The session is over until April and I have signed up for the next one. After the lesson we played a few hands. Margaret was my partner and we were mostly successful.

   I took in a movie later in the afternoon - `Hidden Figures`, very good - and was hungry again when it was over so used another of my Burger King coupons, `Buy One, Get One Free` for $5.50. I had a whopper and a veggie burger and certainly won`t be nibbling for the rest of the evening!

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