Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Fashion Show

   I thought I had loads of time to get to the RWTO lunch today and set off just before 10:30. I was there in quick sticks but was met by a bunch of restless old dames desperate for me to lay out the name tags so they could get to their tables! Unbelievable. Once I had placated them I ducked out to Tim Horton's for a coffee and stayed there until the dust had cleared and I had calmed down. Seemingly (no one told me this), there is a mad rush to get seats at the tables with all their friends on the day of the Fashion Show lunch. There were 140 for lunch as many members bring guests.

   Lunch was not great - a Caesar salad followed by a very mediocre lasagna and, thankfully, lots of properly cooked vegetables. A lot of the lasagna went back to the kitchen uneaten. I left about 1/3 of mine. Dessert and coffee were fine.

   The fashion show was well done - some of the members were the models. It was mostly Spring and Summer outfits in gorgeous fabrics and colours, all Canadian made. I particularly liked one outfit, a jacket and top, and decided to buy both. They will do nicely for my vacation in June but I will have to buy a pair of pants to wear with them (and maybe some jewellery). If I can figure out why I can't load photos any more, I will post a picture of my new outfit.

   Won't need much dinner, just soup and a sandwich probably.

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