Monday 6 March 2017

Eating My Veggies

   Fancied some cabbage recently and went looking for a small one - all were humungous and the smallest was over 5lbs. I'll be eating cabbage until the cows come home. Yesterday I had it braised with nutmeg and some parmesan - it was delicious - and today it is to be boiled with lots of butter and pepper. If anyone has a great cabbage recipe, please let me know!

   The morning went by quickly today - oat bran for breakfast, my step exercise program followed by a soak in the tub, a few light chores (just polishing all the glass surfaces with Windex), then set off to walk to the senior's centre for Bridge. It was milder today but still chilly (4C) and I forgot to wear a hat so I was ready for a coffee when I arrived. The coffee there is really good so I have to ration myself. I ate my lunch a bit later and managed to get to 5:00 p.m. without nibbling.

   Marie and I had terrible cards today and half way through demanded to change seats with the other pair. It didn't help much but we did make a couple of contracts after that. Still, not our best day. 


  1. I love cooked cabbage, just fried up in a bit of butter, made better with something salty like ham or bacon. -Jenn

  2. I`ll try that. Today I ate junk food (again)!