Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nordic Pole Walking

    Yesterday was so cold! And it was the day for me to join the Pole Walking group. It was -12C in the morning (-20 wind chill) and barely warmed up all day. We were all bundled up in ski suits (or in one case a fur coat), hats scarves and thermal mittens. I managed the hour walk no bother but was still cold when we finished - no chance of me working up a sweat in those temperatures. I will try it again before investing in the poles, hopefully on a warmer day.

   Today is a bit warmer, in fact got up to 5C this afternoon. I went to the Probus meeting this morning for the coffee and the conviviality. The presentation was on dental implants which I hope I never have to get. The speaker managed to make the topic fairly interesting. He was quite funny.

   This afternoon I did a bit of garden cleanup and now have three bins ready to get picked up next garbage day. Then I sat outside in the sun with my book for half-an-hour. So nice to feel the sun on your face!

   Time to fix dinner. I have bacon and spinach defrosting for a quiche and will also put onion, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, eggs and lots of cheese in it. Doesn't that sound yummy? There will be pickled beetroot on the side.

   Still can't load pictures so you will just have to visualize it.

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