Wednesday, 31 August 2016

An Inventive Salad

   No tennis on TV tonight and I was too busy today to watch any, but I heard another Canadian is out - too bad! Exercise class, coffee and chat, errands (the farmer was here with corn), second exercise class then working in the coffee bar. I closed up at 2:30 as no one was there for coffee so was home before 3:00. I stopped in at the library on the way home and there were three books waiting for me! I only took one and will pick up the others next week.

    I got stung by a wasp yesterday and today it is still throbbing and quite itchy. I hope it doesn't get infected as that happened to me once when I stepped on something that stung me and my whole foot became swollen. I had to go to the ER for antibiotics.

   A short but heavy cloud burst this afternoon and now it is quite cool. There's a nice breeze blowing so I have opened all the windows. Only 21C right now, won't need the A/C tonight!

   Dinner tonight was a salad to use up some vegetables. I had some tuna and egg mixture on it from the sandwiches I made on Monday - now what to do with the bread? The greens in the salad were a mixture of celery tops, cauliflower leaves, mint and basil from the garden, all chopped and mixed with cucumber, red pepper and avocado - it was surprisingly tasty with a lemon, oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

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