Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Day

   Here's how it went today:

7:00 getup, have breakfast (half banana with peanut butter, some yogurt), did
Sudoku and read the newspaper

7:45 talked to Zack (pool guy) about amount of chemicals  needed each week
I will be doing the pool check myself after next week.

8:45 leave for "Stretch and Strength" class at 9:00 at the senior's centre

10:00 coffee with friends after class

10:30 left to pick up library book, milk and eggs then home to prepare lunch

11:15 took lunch with me back for first half of "Osteo Fit" class - mostly aerobic

12:00 behind the counter at the coffee bar - ate lunch around 1:00

2:45 closed coffee bar, counted the cash and headed home for a nap

3:30 swim and sit in sun to dry off, read my new library book, "The Strangler
Vine". This is the prequel of my recent book, "The Infidel Stain" by M.J.

5:00 made avocado salsa to nibble on with tostitos and a glass of beer

5:45 to present - checked e-mails, blogs etc.

Now fixing dinner, broccoli casserole and a corn cob. Scared a mouse when I opened the composter to put in the peel from the corn!

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