Tuesday 23 August 2016

Problem Solved

   I got the coffee urn situation slightly solved this morning at the tennis club - at least we had coffee! The borrowed pot worked and we will use it until when or if we buy a new pot. It wasn't too hot - in fact it clouded over at one point - I had two good sets, then headed home as Judy and the kids were coming around 10:30 and I had left the pool heater on.

    The water temperature was up to 80F by the time I got home and the kids had their fun in the pool, then we had lunch and they left just before 2:00. I cleaned the pool after they left and it is ready for Zack (the pool guy) to add the chemicals and give it a backwash tomorrow. Just one more visit from him and  then I will take care of it myself. By the end of this month the possibility of algae should be gone (I hope!).

   I worked up a bit of a sweat lugging the hose around the pool so, after a swim, the rest of the afternoon was spent in the shade finishing my current library book, "My Brilliant Friend". It was a bit of a challenge but I am glad I didn't give up on it. I might even try the next in the series.
   I used my last tomato to make a very substantial spaghetti sauce so now I won't need any more food until tomorrow's breakfast. I'm stuffed!

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