Friday 26 August 2016

A Cleared Freezer

   I just have a small freezer above my fridge but it does hold quite a lot on two shelves and sometimes I can't find stuff or forget what's in there. But today it is virtually empty!

   There's half a loaf of bread, one roll of puff pastry and some pitas and that's it. I defrosted a piece of fish for tonight's dinner and, as I was using a roll of the  puff pastry to make a fish pie, I also defrosted some sausages for sausage rolls with the extra pastry. A couple of sausages went in to the fridge for breakfast tomorrow. Now I can fill the freezer with  whatever's on offer at the grocery store at my next shop. However, it is a good feeling to have it almost bare today.

   I also did a big garden clean up, removing all the self-seeding sweet pea plants as the seed pods have popped. As well, a whole bunch of dandelions which were easy to pull up after yesterday's rain. This took me about an hour by which time I was ready for a swim. It's still very hot. I played tennis this morning, requiring another swim, and watched a tennis match in the afternoon, so it has been a busy day.

The fish pie containing lots of vegetables, and the sausage rolls. Having the oven on made the kitchen very warm, even with the A/C on, so I had the overhead fan going as well. It's still 30C outside at 7:30 p.m.!

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