Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Lovely Trip

   Finally a chance to post an entry after a few busy days. Most of the blame lies at the feet of the Olympic coverage from Rio, so let's backtrack to Sunday.

    I was invited to visit the Athertons at their trailer on Orr Lake. It's a lovely situation, a small privately owned trailer park on quite a substantial lake. Their trailer is fairly new and quite commodious with room to sleep the three  kids in bunks and a double bed for the adults. It also has a very large screened-in porch where they eat most of their meals. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but will remember the next time I visit. The lake has a nice beach and is quite shallow, perfect for the kids to paddle in or plunge off the dock. I had a try at kayaking in the afternoon but it was so windy that I couldn't get very far from the shore - kept getting blown back! I left around 5:30 and had rather a slow drive home, getting in at 7:30, tired but happy.

    I had a quiet morning on Monday and left for Bridge around noon. Pinkie had brought some mango pudding for us to try - delicious - and we made plans to go for dim sum next Monday before our Bridge game, should be fun and Pinkie will order for us.

    I slept in a bit this morning - thought I was getting up at 6:45 only to discover it was actually 7:45 so had a bit of a scramble to get on the road to the tennis courts at a reasonable time. Hendrina was already there when I arrived so I took the cake out of the freezer and it was ready for our little celebration after we had played two sets. Hendrina was quite thrilled to have her 80th birthday recognized and the cake went quickly although she managed to save some to take home. Our last set was shortened as Carol succumbed to the heat - this is the second time she has had to quit early.

    Lunch at Panera Bread with Judy and Elliot (the other two are at camp). I had a chicken citrus salad which was delicious and just enough for me. Since I got home it has been a mixture of reading outdoors and watching tennis at Rio (Serena is out!) and there's more to come.

    Just a light dinner tonight as I made myself some bruschetta an hour ago. I am having trouble keeping up with all the tomatoes and peppers in the garden, not to mention the kale!

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