Monday, 22 August 2016

Pleasant and cool

   Just a quick entry as it is already 8:30 and I still have the kitchen to tidy and dishes to wash. Judy and kids are coming tomorrow and I must leave early for tennis as I have a replacement coffee urn to deliver. It's actually the tea urn from my dance group and I am hoping the basket from the old one will fit. If not we will use it to keep the coffee warm after making several pots in a small coffee maker.

   My only exercise today was to walk down to the drug store for a prescription. Bridge this afternoon and we had a good laugh and some good hands. I have changed seats as I was always getting terrible cards where I was before.

   Someone sent me this photo of my great-grandfather working on his farm in Scotland. He is also her g-g-f so we are loosely related. It was probably taken just around the beginning of the 20th century as he was born in 1851. It's hard to tell how old he is with such a heavy beard.

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