Monday, 1 August 2016

Simcoe Day

    Up early to make sausage rolls for today's holiday social at the tennis courts. I also took the spinach and faro salad that I brought home from yesterday's volunteer party. I didn't get to try it - it was all gone before I got to the buffet table. However, there was enough food to feed an army so I had plenty of tasty stuff - and delicious desserts! It was pretty hot on the courts but I played three sets, one some, lost some - oh, well!

    I did a bit of gardening after I got home and had a swim, and then spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my library book - "The Taming of a Queen" by Phillippa Gregory. Its subject is Katherine Parr, the last wife of Henry Vlll. Although it's a novel, it sticks pretty closely to the actual historical facts and I enjoyed it. There's another book waiting for me at the library so I will pick it up tomorrow.

    After the big lunch I just needed a light dinner so I had half of a turkey ciabatta sandwich which also came home from the volunteer party. I toasted the bun, added some roasted red pepper and had it with some cherry tomatoes and a peach. Very tasty!



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