Monday 15 August 2016

Dim Sum....Yum!

    Pinkie arranged for us to have dim sum today - at 10:a.m.! The restaurant was buzzing and if we had not been there early we would have had a long wait. I had to take the car in for a service first thing and walked down to the restaurant. I wished I had remembered my camera but I definitely will the next time we go as it has quite spectacular decor. We had many tasty dishes - we each chose two or three - sticky rice, dumplings, turnip cake and more, and we finished it all except for the dessert. That we took with us to have while we played bridge.

   Pleasant temperatures today and I cut the grass and did a bit of weed-pulling this afternoon. The weekend's rain really brought things on. It is cooling off nicely overnight so no need for the A/C. The farmer was at his spot on Birchmount today so I had fresh corn with dinner tonight.

   Still lots going on at the Olympics so I will be kept entertained tonight.

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