Sunday 21 August 2016

No Heatwave After All

    Rain first thing this morning and I thought that would mean no tennis, but the sun came out around 8:30 so I scampered about and got to the courts before 9:00. We dried off the courts and, with the help of the sun and a brisk wind, were able to play by 9:30. Stan and I started hitting and we were soon joined by Cathy and Gord. We hit for a while then played one long set and I was done!

   I was on the hunt for a new coffee urn for the tennis club this afternoon but was unsuccessful. The only one I found was out of stock so I will try again another day. Meanwhile I have arranged to borrow the tea urn from my Scottish Country Dance group and hope to convert it to making coffee. Time will tell. During my travels I stopped in at a Chinese supermarket which one of my Bridge friends had recommended. It was very busy and had everything you could want to buy including ready to eat dishes. My mouth was watering but I managed to control my appetite, apart from some free samples they were giving out.

   Leftover lamb chop for dinner with a corn cob. It was quite filling yesterday so should tide me over until tomorrow when I will defrost something else.  The temperature is supposed to go down to 13C tonight, and only a high of 23C tomorrow so it looks like the heatwave is over. I am so pleased to have cool nights!

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