Thursday, 1 September 2016

A Day of Good Workouts

   It's only 19C right now and the high today was just 23c, quite the coolest day we've had all summer and appropriate for September 1st. We were able to play two sets of tennis this morning as it was quite cool to start with. First I played with Chan (we lost 6-3) then we switched partners and Stan and I won. It was an unusual set - first we were up 3-0, then we lost the next 4 games and finally got to the tiebreak which we won 7-5. I was amazed I managed two sets as my hip was aching. This will be our last Thursday for a while as the courts are being resurfaced, starting next Tuesday.

   Zumba this afternoon was a killer but my hip held up. Only one more class! However, since then I have been vegging in bed with my book or in front of the TV watching the US Open. No big upsets - all the remaining seeds survived.

   Fish in a cheese sauce with peas and green beans on the side. Enough left for tomorrow.

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