Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Summer Continues

   The traffic was appalling on the way to the tennis courts this morning. Thank goodness I wasn't trying to get to work, I would have been totally frazzled. I tried several roads but what with construction and traffic light malfunctions, not one was travelling fast. Then, when I arrived there was no coffee! Luckily I had an emergency stash in the freezer so we got that going lickety split. It was fearfully hot and humid and I was not on my best game but had a nice cooling swim when I got home.

   Since then it has been reading or watching tennis on TV - too hot to work in the garden - at one point my outside thermometer registered 36C - but had a second swim just an hour ago and feel refreshed. The house is staying quite cool but tomorrow's high may put an end to that - it's supposed to be 32C. 

   Leftover chicken thighs (my favourite Tuscan chicken recipe) for dinner and I have already snacked on an artichoke and asiago dip so I won' be going hungry.

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