Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Change In the Weather

It was quite hot on the tennis courts today but it clouded over around noon and now there is quite a strong wind. I had opened all the windows last night and the house cooled down to about 19C. It is only 21C indoors at the moment and I have put on my vest and a pair of socks!

    Bridge yesterday was lots of fun and some good hands. I had a small slam (12 tricks). Unfortunately we had only bid to the 4 level (10 tricks) but I was quite pleased with myself. Last night was the beginning of the Country dancing season but we had a very poor turnout - only 7 paid although 11 attended. Next week must be better! I am going to the Petronella group tomorrow so that I will get a chance to practice all the dances for the monthly dance next Saturday.

    I haven't been very good with my diet recently and tomorrow is the Volunteer Appreciation lunch at the senior's centre. So tonight I am having a very light meal - fish in foil with kale and Za'atar spice and peas on the side. I will have a couple of mini butter tarts for dessert (my one treat today) as I also had a light lunch of soup, crackers and cheese.

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