Sunday 25 September 2016

A Couple of Busy Days

    The DMTC banquet on Friday was a blast! I even got up on the dance floor although that didn't last long. The buffet was as good as usual and I managed to restrict myself to only one return visit and just fruit and one chocolate treat for dessert. Nevertheless, I went home stuffed and didn't eat again until late Saturday morning.

    A quiet day on Saturday until 6:15 p.m. when I went to Metro to pick up the sandwich tray. I was too early at the dance as I had mixed up the time but at least I had time to set up before people started arriving. I only sat out two dances and even managed the tricky ones (with a little help). There were leftover sandwiches which I brought home and stored in the freezer for a special treat at our social group on Monday.

   Today has been an "at home" day and I got a start on the Fall cleanup by using my weed whacker to trim all the borders in the back yard. It's a job that needs to be done after the pool is covered as it makes a bit of a mess, but the garden is looking much tidier. I still have the raspberry bushes to cut back and later, when frost is imminent, the vegetable patch. There are still some tomatoes ripening but I may have to pick them while they are still green.

   I have to have a fat free dinner tonight (whatever that means - everything seems to have some fat in it!) but I will try with a piece of baked fish and plain vegetables. Then I have to fast until it is time for my ultrasound tomorrow morning. After that I will come home and have a very fatty breakfast!

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