Monday, 5 September 2016

Labour Day

     Traditionally viewed as the last day of summer although it doesn't officially end for a few weeks yet, Labour Day is the last chance children and their parents to enjoy each other's company before school starts again. The weather  continues to be quite hot (29C today) so it is nice to still have the pool open so I can cool off!

    Attended the tennis social at Don Mills this morning and played from 9:30 to almost noon with a couple of coffee breaks. Then we were served lunch - big sausages in buns, salad and potato salad, followed by chocolate cake and watermelon. I am still not very hungry but I brought home an extra sausage to have once I feel peckish.

   A quiet afternoon, reading and watching an exciting tennis match on TV. More tennis this evening will complete my day. Tomorrow I will be laughing all the way to the tennis courts, as I pass all the schools filled with teachers and students on their first day back at work. Poor things - it's even worse when the weather is still nice!

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