Saturday, 10 September 2016

Home Made Dinner

    It has rained off and on all day and is still sprinkling. At one point this afternoon the wind was coming in strong gusts and I had to close the awning in case it blew away.  It was still warm but is cooling off now. I didn't need the A/C at all today which is good news.

    I finished my current book this afternoon and it had a very satisfying ending. I noticed it is on the best seller list this week. Now I have started a P.D. James book, "The Murder Room". I am a great fan of her books.

   I did manage a bit of gardening this afternoon but didn't need a swim after. I tried out a new meal for dinner tonight - crab spring rolls. When I cleaned out the freezer last week I found some wrappers so defrosted them today and made up a vegetable mix to which I added a can of crab meat. They were a bit greasy (I had to use olive oil in which to fry them) but were quite tasty, especially with plum sauce for dipping. There's some left for tomorrow.

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