Tuesday 31 May 2016

Sunny and Warm Again

     Came home from three sets of tennis in a lather and went straight into the pool. The water temperature was 74F (23C) so it cooled me off nicely although getting my hot body immersed was a bit of a shock! No Bridge class today -  Frank (our teacher) was sick so I just had an early lunch and headed for a nap. Since then I have been alternating between gardening and reading in the shade with another dip in the pool when I got hot and sweaty.

   The grass is now all cut and the edges somewhat trimmed but still lots of weeds to tackle. I will do more of that soon once the sun goes down. I used the weed whacker today and for once it was working properly (for a while). It almost always jams after a few minutes and I have to reload the string.  

   I am rushing to finish "The Lake House" by Kate Morton as it is due back at the library on Thursday. The author keeps hinting about a mystery and I must find out what it is before then. I think this is called "foreshadowing" if I remember correctly from my English Lit. course, way back when.

   Nothing to cook tonight  - just leftovers to heat - but I had some of the soup I made yesterday for lunch and it was very satisfying. It was all the vegetables needing used up (including cauliflower leaves and broccoli stalks) cooked in chicken stock and  pureed with the immersion blender. So easy and cheap!


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