Saturday, 28 May 2016

Air Coditioner's First Workout

   I have the thermostat set for 24C and the air conditioner came on this afternoon for the first time this year. It was 31C outside but I have been keeping the house cool by opening all the windows at night. It usually goes down to 20C but that wasn't enough today so I am enjoying the cool air for a change. Tomorrow it continues hot so probably no tennis but it should have cooled down (to 25C) by Tuesday.

   The pool is still a little chilly but warming up fast. By tomorrow I should be able to try a dip. The water is still a bit murky but that won't stop me if it is reasonably warm. No gardening today - just too hot outside!

   Only a couple of chores today - laundry and shopping - so I have spent the remainder of the day reading in the shade. My current book is "The Lake House" by Kate Morton. I gave up on the Yann Martel book and it is back at the library. It was overdue anyway.

   Just about to throw some chicken drumsticks in the oven and will cook a potato and a corn cob to go with them. I don't usually buy corn until the local stuff appears (it is so much more tender and sweet) but I was tempted by cheap cobs (60 cents) at the grocery store. Still a slice of rhubarb tart left so I will heat that up for "afters". Lots of good tele tonight!

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