Monday 30 May 2016

Cooler and Pleasant

    I didn't get out of the house until noon and didn't realize that it was cooler (29C) and with a bit of a breeze - no humidity! I spent the morning working on the Minutes for last week's RTO AGM. They're now off to Bill, our new President, so I hope they pass muster.

   Bridge was fun this afternoon with a variety of good and bad hands and some challenging contracts. I had a proper swim when I got home, so refreshing, and had a short nap. Then cut the front and side grass. Tomorrow will be the turn of the back yard, then I can relax and enjoy myself reading on the lounger without any chores to do. Of course, there are still lots of weeds but I will just ignore them!

   I made some soup this afternoon and that will last me for the rest of the week's lunches. No Bridge class tomorrow as the teacher is sick so no rush from tennis to the Senior's centre. Leftovers for dinner and then a quick cleanup before settling in for TV.

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