Friday, 20 May 2016

The Final, Final AGM Report (I Hope)

    I cancelled my Friday Gentle Fit class yesterday as it looks like I won't be able to make it for the rest of the session, due to it being a "Kaffeklatsch" day at DMTC. Perhaps someone on the waiting list will take my place.

   I had a big discussion (I was about to say "argument" but it was resolved quite quickly) with Martin this morning as he claimed that last year two keys were required to open the clubhouse. I eventually proved him wrong but I think he still believes he is right! Men!!!

  It was quite hot (20C) on the tennis courts this morning - thank goodness I went early (8:30) and got in a couple of sets while it was still relatively cool. I played a third set but was done (in more ways than one) by 11:00 and headed home for a rest but no lunch. I was meeting Judy for Afternoon Tea and wanted to be good and hungry. We had savoury and sweet things and I had "Anastasia" tea - quite refreshing.

   On the way home I stopped off at Staples to see about printing the AGM document. However, it is quite expensive so I am going out to Judy's this evening to print a copy - she has a colour printer. Then tomorrow I will be back at Staples to get the 130 copies printed for the AGM next week. What a palaver! And people are still asking for changes to be made!!

   Another episode of "Outlander" this evening. Claire and Jamie are having their problems in France at the court of Louis XV.

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