Wednesday, 4 May 2016

No Time To Blog

    I have been working on the notes for the RTO AGM later this month, hence my lack of blogging. It's about half done with people sending me their reports on a daily basis. I have finally figured out that I can import them to the document instead of printing them and retyping everything. The only problem is they are all in different fonts so have to be converted which sometimes causes problems.

   Going back to Sunday - I promised to bring you up to speed. It was an indoor day as it rained pretty well all day (thank goodness I had cut the back grass!) and into Monday. I spent most of the day in the kitchen - first lentil and carrot soup for lunch, then some scones (I had yogurt to use up) and, for dinner, cauliflower in a cheese sauce, with a crunchy topping, and pasta with spinach.

   Bridge on Monday afternoon - I had terrible cards - and dance group in the evening. At the break we discussed whether we needed to increase the $5 fee but came to the consensus that it would just stay the same for next year at least. Our final meeting is in two weeks and we will have a pot luck party.

   Tennis at Don Mills on Tuesday and it was a lovely day. Then I went straight to Bridge lessons where we were learning more conventions. I am getting a bit out of my depth so won't take any more lessons until next year in an attempt to consolidate what I have learned so far.

   Skipped the early fitness class today as I was feeling a bit queasy but made it to the 11:15 class. I stopped that at 12:00 to head into the coffee bar and served coffee, tea and meat pies until 3:00. Then home for a nap and a light supper (eggs and toast) as I was still not feeling hungry.

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